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You can find your customer number on your monthly statement or call 800.426.1626 or email

( Your main contact which all updates and notifications will be sent. )

Room Selection

( If you choose other an IB rep will contact you in regards to which room you want to reserve )

The required travel insurance fee of $299.00 is a nonrefundable fee that will cover cancellation if you should need to cancel for any reason.  Additionally, this fee will reserve your room selection until full payment is made.  We look forward to seeing you in Puerto Vallarta. If you would like full details on the coverage of the travel insurance please contact:


Amanda Scott 

Phone: 469-233-4115


To check the balance of your IB Reward Dollars please check your monthly statement or contact an IB sales and or  marketing administrator at Final room invoices will be sent to your email for payment. You may use your IB Reward Dollars and/or pay by credit card to pay the balance of your room reservation.   

Thanks for you for your reservation!

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